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The Little Einsteins were developed by Olexa Hewryk & Eric Weiner (co-creator of Dora the Explorer) and debuted first on TV Tokyo then Disney Channel in 2005. The characters and concept were initially designed by animated executive Douglas Wood. The animated children's TV series is produced by Curious Pictures and The Baby Einstein Company.

The show is targeted toward preschool aged children and stresses their talents solving challenges while learning to explore new concepts through expanded curiosity. Little Einsteins cleverly weaves culturally important art and classical music appreciation into the backdrops, plot, and soundtrack of every episode.

Trivia: In the UK, the Little Einsteins yell "Yes" instead of "Yeah" and "Mission Completed" in place of "Mission Completion". Feel free to look around a bit.

Meet Rocket's Crew!

Leo is the six-year-old leader of the Little Einsteins, Rocket's main pilot, and is voiced by Pier Stubbs. He loves conducting and uses his baton wherever his goes.

Annie is Leo's four-year-old little sister who likes to sing and is voiced by Kirsty Hickey. She loves animals, especially dolphins & horses but is mildly afraid of spiders.

June is a sophisticated little six-year-old asian girl who loves to dance and is voiced by Poppy Friar. She likes gazing upon the stars & appreciating fine art.

Quincy is a five-year-old boy who absolutely loves all types of instruments including the trumpet, violin, guitar and is voiced by Mitchell Zhangazha. Not so strange as a little boy, he is afraid of the dark.

Rocket is the Little Einsteins' trusty friend and super jet who always has a tool handy which can be used on their missions.

Big Jet is the notoriously nasty nemesis of both Rocket and the Little Einsteins. This blue MiG-29 jet fighter normally doesn't hamper missions in the Spring as he's allergic to flowers.

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